Lighting up your Lifestyle

LED integration is everywhere. From residential homes to retail businesses, what was once an overpriced luxury is now the industry standard. But while built-in bulbs are a bold, convenient breakthrough,

There’s a lack of shelf awareness.

Designers know that good things deserve to be showcased in the best possible light.

But unless LED bulbs and panels are positioned perfectly, they continue to cast dark shadows and unwanted bright spots throughout a space.
As designers, technicians, and innovators, we are determined to light up your lifestyle with a glimmer of creative elegance.

Asterisk is the lighting breakthrough that’s shelving conventions.
Asterisk fuses modern technology with high quality craftsmanship. We develop breakthrough products that solve common lighting problems with creative elegance. Sleek and sturdy, Asterisk products are crafted of durable, scratch resistant materials and designed for easy installation.

With a commitment to fine design, quality craftsmanship, and an eye to the environment, we put a little more light in every life.