Floating how-to


Set out all the included hardware. You’ll need a drill, level, studfinder and wall screw fasteners.


Remove the wallplate. Temporarily fasten the rail to the outlet with the plate screw. Level the rail.


Find the wall with the studfinder and mark the wall in an inconspicuous place. Slide in the two brackets, and fasten them directly into the wall.


Level the brackets by rotating the rods. Place the level on the tip of the bracket rod and on the rail, and rotate the rod as necessary.


Plug in the Liteshelf. Carefully coil the excess cord, and push the cord and power supply into the shelf cavity. Make sure you see the light working.


Tilt the back of the LiteShelf down, and slide it over the brackets and rail.


Tap the touch plate once to turn on, and once to turn off. Use the integrated dimmer to adjust your Liteshelf's brightness. Brighten the light by holding the touch plate and dim the light by holding the touch plate again.