Insetta How-To


Set out all the included hardware. You’ll need a drill, 3/8” wood bit and a phillips bit.


Place the Insetta in its intended location to confirm that the fit is correct. If necessary, the panel can be trimmed to ensure a perfect, seamless fit.


Use the included power wire to test your power source. Drill a hole to the next cabinet section, and loop the power to the next Insetta panel using a jumper cable.
(Repeat this step for each section that will be fitted with the Insetta, and powered by the same power source.)


Screw in the included clips for each Insetta unit that you are installing.


Plug in the unit, and pop the unit into the clips.


To operate the Insetta, tap the touch plate once to turn on, and once again to turn off. Use the integrated dimmer to adjust your Insetta's brightness. Brighten the light by holding the touch plate and dim the light by holding the touch plate again.