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 Everyone hates Glare 

Use lights to improve your spaces

Eliminate Glare with the lite system

We are Asterisk. We have been creating shadow-free LED lighting for more than a decade. 

We believe that light brings happiness, and better light brings more happiness. We’re here to spread the light.

We are the
 Cabinet Lighting Specialists

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Be a kitchen lighting


Use the lite system to bring your design to full potential

We help you order

Let us help you with free 

Layouts and Tecnical support 

Let us help you get your lighting right.

 Send us your kitchen layout, and we will recommend a lighting plan that will make it pop. You will never have to worry about spending all day cutting and soldering LED strips. We supply  LED fixtures that are designed for kitchens. Make your lighting professional grade and send us your kitchen plans today.

Plug-in or Hardwire, it's the same system.

Do you have a layout that is better served with a hardwire lighting setup? Pre-wire the kitchen with 18/3 jacketed wire to each location, and mention that you are hardwiring this job. We will quote it accordingly.

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Review and approve your
Quote online

If you need any kind of assistance, please reach out in your favorite mode of communication.






Perfect for everyone

Full of features

Putting lots of options into each light means that our products work for everyone. No need to order something different for each project.
Plug-in or hardwire
Shadow & Glare free
Bright efficient light
Dimmable & tunable
Easy installation
App control
Remote wireless switch

Making you happy

We want your showroom to pop!
Put the best lighting on display and get a special discount. Ask your rep for more info.


We love you, and want to be there for you

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